Tyss International Company


Trademark: SY

Model NO.: PSL2 X42-X52-X56-X60-X70

Standard: API5L

Unit : FOB/CNF

Type of work: Middle-Level

Origin: Germany, Italy, Japan ,France &China Component

Company: Tyss Int'l Company (Tic)

1. Functional Configuration:

  1. Broken Drive-chain Safety Device
  2. Phase Failure and Phase Stagger Protection
  3. Broken Step Chain Safety Device
  4. Control Device for Handrail Entrance
  5. Brake
  6. Emergency Stop Button
  7. Unintentional Reversal Safety Device
  8. Comb Plate Safety Device
  9. Skirt Panel Safety Device
  10. Step Settled Protection Device
  11. Motor Overload Protection
  12. Circuit Ground Fault Device
  13. Step Gap Lighting
  14. Yellow Safety Line
  15. Overspeed Protection
  16. Control Device for Handrail Breakage
  17. Y-Reduced Voltage Starting
  18. Upper and Lower Inspection Switch, Socket and 36V Lighting
  19. Core Chain Safety Device
  20. Static Brush Protection
  21. Secondary Flat Ladder
  22. Self-starting Function(Up to the Customer)
  23. Frequency Conversion Control(Up to the Customer)

2.Technique Situation:

  1. Traveling Height: H
  2. Moving Speed: 0.45m/s\0.5m/s
  3. Step Width: 1000mm\800mm\600mm
  4. Moving Manner: Upper and Lower Reversible
  5. Handrail Color: Black(Red\Blue\Brown Green\Gray)
  6. Moving Sound: ≤ 65dB(A)
  7. Dip Angle: 30° , 35°
  8. Moving Vibration: ≤ 35cm/s2
  9. Power: Power 380V± 7%\50Hz Three Phase Five Wire System, Lighting 220V\50Hz
Standard Ordnance of XNS Escalator
No. Part Material Used Note
1 Girder Rectangle Steel Tube Syney
2 Main Wheel Pu Suzhou Xinao(Material from German Debal)
3 Step 430 Type Ningbo Lilong
4 Chain 35CrMo Suzhou Xinao
5 Core Speed Reduction Machine Ningbo Aodepu
Motor Changshu Torin
6 Handrail Bracket 430 Type Hangzhou Zhonghao
7 Inner and Outer Decking 430 Type Syney
8 Skirt Panel Assembly 430 Type Syney
9 Handrail Acrylic(Black\Red\Blue\Brown Green\Gray etc.) Shanghai Yulian
10 Glass 10mm Steel Zhejiang Jufeng
11 PC CPMES-0041-ALD Japanese Omron
12 Contactor LC1-D French Schneider
13 Front Panel Pressing 430 Type Syney
14 Proximity Switch E2A-M1KN08 Japanese Omron
15 Other Accessory Syney
16 Inverter L7F Japanese Yaskawa
17 Photoeletric Switch ELS-236 Swiss CEDES